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Post  Lord Nerevar on Thu Apr 11, 2013 9:04 am

So, what did you think of them at first, and when did you first learn how annoying those things are? I remember the first time I met a cliffracer was on the path from Ald'Ruhn to Gnaar Mok. I had gone halfway, or something like that, before meeting one, before I saw one in the middle of the road. I killed it, and I remembered reading about people complaining about Cliffracers. I didn't understand why at first, until the second half of my journey when I was attacked by a load of Cliffracers, and my spear broke. I think it was silver. Anyway, I only had a knife as back up, and my short blade skill was really low. My brilliant plan? Run off the road into the wilderness to escape them. Luckily I met a woman on the road who needed escorting to Gnaar Mok, and she had a weapon, so it was fine. I (for some strange reason that I don't remember) wondered into the swamps near Gnaar Mok. Maybe it was because the mudcrabs seemed easier to fight than the Cliffracers. Anyway, I kept on missing, so I let the woman fight the mudcrabs and other enemies, and I decided to swim the rest of the way of Gnaar Mok. I think the woman was attacked just after I left the water, but I left her to fight because there was little I could do and she could distract the mudcrabs for me. Needless to say, it was a terrible idea, as the slaughterfish came after me and were attacking me all the way to Gnaar Mok. The fishing village was in sight, and I decided to contine swimming, and drank my health potions when my health got low. I don't think I had any armour on at the time, like the idiot I am, but luckily I had picked up a lot of health potions. I made it to Gnaar Mok, and rested for a few hours. When the woman didn't turn up, I presumed that she was dead, and then I was stranded in Gnaar Mok, as I couldn't make my way back to Ald'Ruhn. There is a boat service there though, but I don't think I picked up on that at first, and I didn't have very much money. That is the tale of my first encounter with cliffracers. Later in the game they are easy to beat and little more than a nuisance, but this was my first character, and I hadn't played him for long. It would be quite an embarrassing tale for the Nerevarine to tell in his later days, after everyone looked up to him for defeating Dagoth Ur, arrayed in the highest quality armour and weapons, how he fled from a mudcrab and left someone to die to give him time to escape. Thinking about it, I hate slaughterfish too. What about you guys?
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Post  james.steelhaven on Thu Apr 11, 2013 12:51 pm

Imperial in heavy armor with big two hander sword (and that healing sigil thingy you get at the beginning of the game) Nerevarine is best Nerevarine.
Cliff racer chickens die by the KFC bucket full to that. But when you have 15 trailing you at once....

I think 5 big skills where:
Long Blades, Heavy Armor, Restoration, Speechcraft and Athletics iirc.

I recall switching to Imperial race later in another play through so i could sweet talk my way through every social encounter.

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