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Post  Lord Nerevar on Sun Apr 14, 2013 2:54 pm

Daggerfall is receiving no love, though Arena isn't either, so I decided to make this new topic because I was thinking it earlier. I think the Daggerfall has the hardest beginning in the Elder Scrolls series. It took me many attempts to finally get out of Privateer Hold. Morrowind's start was easy, as you start off in Seyda Neen, and the first dungeons in Skyrim and Oblivion were very easy too, and I got through on me first attempt as those. Even escaping the Imperial Dungeons in Arena was easier, and it took me less attempts than to get through Arena's firt dungeon than Privateer Hold. I did not get through the Imperial Dungeons on my first go, but I find it much easier than Privateer Hold. Does anyone else think the same? That Daggerfall has the hardest beginning in The Elder Scrolls series.

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